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Making OLEDs – a post-mortem of my first attempt

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Some years ago, I set out to make my own OLEDs. This took a lot of persistence as many materials providers, manufacturers, and researchers refused to work with me, some of them providing their own brand of discouraging words along the way. Luckily, I was able to find several companies and people researching and working in the field who were very helpful.

Anatomy of an OLED
I was able to successfully make several differently-colored devices of varying quality level. In some cases I used indium as a cathode. Here’s what the successful stack I chose looks like:OLED Stack

How to upgrade onboard NAND flash in allwinner A10 based devices (and possibly other members of the AllWinner processor family)

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Ever since I saw a YDPG18A mod post where flash was upgraded (unsuccessfully), I’ve been curious about upgrading NAND flash. After I started investigating I realized the upgrade mentioned wouldn’t work, so I called the guy on it and he mentioned it didn’t work, just that he hadn’t gotten around to posting about it. If he’d found the exact same model flash chip as the existing one, soldered it on, and reflashed, it would have worked. But a lot of the flash chips used in these devices are old and hard to get ahold of. Luckily, they use a standard footprint (TSOP48), and a standard pinout used for SLC and MLC NAND flash.